Aircraft Noise

The noise of aircraft taking off from Gatwick Airport constantly affects the parish. We are near or under Lambourne 26, a Noise Preferential Route established in the 1960's, which is a 3 km wide path which aircraft must use when taking off from Gatwick in a westerly direction and then turning 180 degrees to travel east. Aircraft can stray from this swathe and all should be reported preferably with date, time and operator airline.

Gatwick Airport Ltd operates a voicemail facility for complaints, 0800 393 070

or by email to copy to

or fill in their web form

or by writing to Flight Evaluation Unit, 8th Floor, Destinations Place, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex, RH6 0NP.

If you wish to complain retrospectively then go to the Webtrack website where you can see all aircraft which have taken off from Gatwick in the last 3 months.


The parish council are members of the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, go to their web-site for more information and advise.

A copy of GACC's response to the recently published airport master plan can be found here and their latest Newsletter.