The noise of aircraft taking off from Gatwick Airport constantly affects the parish. We are near or under Lambourne 26, a Noise Preferential Route established in the 1960's, which is a 3 km wide path which aircraft must use when taking off from Gatwick in a westerly direction and then turning 180 degrees to travel east. Aircraft can stray from this swathe and all should be reported preferably with date, time and operator airline.

Gatwick Airport Ltd operates an online facility for complaints, please follow these steps:

    1. Note exact time of aircraft. 
    2. Ask for written reply. If appropriate, ask for a print out of the aircraft track, and details of its height over your house.
    3. If told aircraft did not exceed noise limits, point out that the monitors do not detect all infringements because not all aircraft fly over them. Nor, probably, are the monitors near your house (they are about a mile from the end of the runway).
    4. If told that the matter will be taken up with the airline, or with Air Traffic Control, or with some airport committee, insist on seeing response or action from that body.
    5. If still dissatisfied, write to your MP. Copy to GACC please.
    6. You may also like to visit the airport web site:
The flight tracker enables you to see the track of each aircraft, after a 20 minute delay. But be sure to register your complaint.

The parish council are members of the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, go to their web-site for more information and advise.

Here is a link to their latest 2018 press release.