Welcome to the community web-site of Capel Parish Council (CPC), the largest civil parish by population and area in Mole Valley consisting of three wards namely Beare Green, Capel and Coldharbour. This map shows the parish outlined in red with the ward boundaries delineated in blue.

CPC has a large portfolio of assets covering all three wards for which it is responsible for maintenance and insurance. These include public buildings, sports grounds, children's playgrounds, notice boards, defibrillators, allotments and numerous parcels of public and common land. It is a consultee for all planning applications within the parish and has a Neighbourhood Development Plan in place. Capel and Coldharbour village centres were designated as conservation areas in 1975.

Our financial year begins in April, here are the details of the budget for 2024/25. Click to understand How your precept is spent, how to apply for a grant and the details of council Audits. CPC is funded by an annual precept of £112,600 collected by Mole Valley District Council, as part of the council tax, the annual parish charge being between £36.78 and £110.34 per household depending on the property band A to H. CPC receives a further grant from the Council Tax Grant Scheme of £11,264. This link shows all the parish precepts for Mole Valley. Details of CPC budgets and expenditure for all recent years can be found here. Photos of all the completed projects can be found here.

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