Two public byways begin in the centre of Coldharbour village.

  1. Wolvens Lane (aka Crockers Lane - ROW# 526) heads north towards Wotton
  2. Coldharbour Common Road (ROW# 527) heads west up to Coldharbour Cricket pitch and beyond to re-join Abinger Road opposite Cockshot Farm

Byways are part of the county highways network and motorised vehicles are subject to the same laws regarding speed, road tax, MOT's and number plates. Drivers must have a valid driving license, insurance and wear a helmet when appropriate.

Byways are popular for recreational use by 4x4's, quad-bikes, scramble and trail bikes. The noise levels, particularly of scramble bikes, can be very loud and obtrusive in this quiet rural area. Motorised vehicles are not permitted to travel off the byway, wooden stumps have been installed to restrict access to surrounding land where possible.

Any use which you consider to be illegal should be reported immediately to the local police by dialling 101 giving a detailed description of the location and the vehicle(s) involved. The police take this matter very seriously and will respond. Several law-breakers have already been prosecuted and their vehicles confiscated as a direct result of the public taking prompt action.

A working group monitoring this problem is chaired by the Surrey Hills Board. More information about their activities can be found on the Surrey Hills Off-road working group web-site.

GLEAM is a reputable organisation which has been campaigning on this issue for many years.